This site aims to dig into simple questions in physics.

What I call “simple questions” are ¬†those questions that if someone explain current knowledge to a scientist before Einstein, he will surely question back. I want to answer them. I want to play a roll of young scientist who is explaining current physics knowledge to an old authoritative scientist of that age.¬†

Final goal of this site is to propose some new hypotheses. Whereas, the problem is that there are many odd hypotheses and mine will likely be buried among them. So, for showing that this site is honest and serious, I declare the following.

  1. Besides digging into questions, I place importance on picking up questions itself.
  2. I will classify the description clearly; widely accepted, under discussion, and my own new idea.
  3. When I propose a new idea, I will not insist its righteousness persistently but keep attitude that I am collecting counter evidence. I will seek enlightenment humbly.
  4. When I get a comment, I will deliberate earnestly. With them, I will not hesitate to change my view. This nimbleness is an advantage of an amateur.
    It is my pride that I am free from narrow minded pride.

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