Simple questions

Among the questions listed below, some are found commonly. But I believe these are in-depth questions. If you say, “Such a question was discussed ages ago,” please let me know. I will revise it immediately.


Simple questions

  1. Is Birkhoff’s theorem right?
  2. Could expanding balloon theory of the universe be accepted? (writing details)
  3. Can a black hole exist? 
  4. Is there a singular point at the center of a black hole?
  5. Is the distance to a black hole finite?
  6. Is a black hole crammed full of stuff? (writing details)
  7. Does a black hole evaporate? (writing details)
  8. Does the mass of a substance falling into a gravity source increase? (writing details)
  9. Why do matter and galaxies not expand with the expansion of the universe? (writing details)
  10. Where was the celestial body observed at 13 billion light-years away now 13 billion years ago?  (writing details)
  11. What is a single photon like? (writing details)
  12. How was the detail of double-slit experiment? (writing details)
  13. What is the origin of mass? (writing details)

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